The MatrixNEURO System is a streamlined, comprehensive system that offers flexibility, ease of use, and high-quality implants and instruments. Key Features & Benefits Low plate-screw profile of 0.5 mm for minimal implant palpability Unique screws designed for rapid starting and low insertion torque* Wide selection of plates and mesh, including mastoid and temporal meshes, and […]


An innovative cranial clamping solution that allows surgeons to apply implants with a single instrument in a single, simple motion. The specially designed application instrument provides surgeons with the ability to affix cranial bone flaps quickly and with one hand.​​​​​​​​ Key Features & Benefits Low​ profile for minimal palpability Anatomic fit is achieved by the […]


The Camino Monitoring Kit is indicated for use by qualified neurosurgeons for measurement of intracranial pressure and temperature in the ventricles and for cerebrospinal fluid drainage. The only fiberoptic pressure-temperature monitoring system simultaneously providing: Intracranial Pressure Intracranial Temperature Therapeutic Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Drainage and Continuous Intracranial Pressure / Intracranial Temperature (ICP/ICT) Monitoring A rapid rise […]


During neurosurgical procedures, it is essential to prevent the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in order to reduce potential adverse events and ensure positive patient outcomes. DuraSeal® dural sealant system, hydrogel made with a specific polymer technology, provides a quick and effective watertight seal intraoperatively and through the critical healing period. Duraseal PDF

Duragen Plus

DuraGen Plus™, Integra’s next-generation Dural Regeneration Matrix, is specially designed to meet an optimum number of your cranial and spinal duraplasty needs. Brochure_Duragen-Family

Duragen Suturable

Suturable DuraGen™, Integra’s next-generation Dural Regeneration Matrix, is specially designed to meet an optimum number of your cranial and spinal duraplasty needs, with the added advantage of suturability. Brochure_Duragen-Family


High Speed Electric Systems The eMax 2 Plus operates up to 80,000 rpm. It offers variable speed, bi-directional operation, minimal noise levels, and an optional hand control. It is a high performance system that highlights minimal vibration performance, thermal energy management, and high reliability for Neurosurgeons, Otologist, Neurotologists, Skull Base Surgeons, and Spinal Surgeons.  Anspach […]


Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator

The CUSA NXT System features NXT Digital Architecture™, an advanced digital control system. This proprietary ultrasonic power circuitry ensures consistent performance, giving surgeons procedural control and peace of mind. NXT Digital Architecture is scalable and ready to support future applications. As new features and procedure-specific tips and handpieces are developed, system software can be readily upgraded to support and integrate these new capabilities.


Pneumatic Instrument Systems The BlackMax sets a new standard for the ultimate combination of high power, smooth operation, low noise level, and small size. This new level of performance provides the perfect pneumatic system to handle a complete range of surgical procedures ranging from power demanding applications to the most delicate dissection. With a minimum […]

CUSA Dissectron

The DISSECTRON Ultrasonic surgical aspirator has been designed for the fragmentation and emulsification of tissue. The DISSECTRON can store up to 8 programs, specified by the surgeon. The main three modules of the DISSECTRON are: • Ultrasonic Power which allows the management of tissue fragmentation. • Irrigation which reinforces the power of the ultrasonic output […]