ECD is a vertebral body replacement for the cervical and
upper thoracic spine. Its expansion mechanism is designed
to allow smooth, continuous expansion in situ.
Radiolucent PEEK implants with different heights and
endplate angulations are designed to enable the surgeon
to choose the specific configuration suited to the individual
pathology and anatomical condition.


The Vectra System is intended for anterior screw fixation to
the cervical spine (C2–C7) for the following indications:
–– Degenerative disc disease (DDD, defined as neck pain of
discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed
by history and radiographic studies)
–– Spondylolisthesis
–– Spinal stenosis
–– Tumors (primary and metastatic)
–– Failed previous fusions
–– Pseudarthrosis
–– Deformity (i.e kyphosis, lordosis and/or scolosis)


MatrixNEURO Sterile Kit: Plating the easy way
– Ready-to-use sterile packs for one standard craniotomy
– Simplified ordering
– Plate/screw profile of only 0.5 mm for minimal implant
– MatrixNEURO self-drilling screw for rapid and
easy insertion


The Synapse System is a set of instruments and implants,
including clamps, top-loading variable axis screws,
hooks, transverse connectors and transverse bars and
rods, designed for posterior stabilization of the cervical
and upper thoracic spine.


The Piezoelectric System is an
ultrasonic surgical system consisting of handpieces and
associated tips for cutting bone and bone substitutes. It
can be used for osteotomy, osteoplasty, decorticating,
drilling, shaping, and smoothing of bones and teeth in a
variety of surgical procedures, including general orthopaedic,
otolaryngological, maxillofacial, oral, hand, foot,
neurosurgical, spine, and plastic
/ reconstructive surgery.

Raney Clips

The waved atraumatic design and the adjusted closure tension prevent skin necrosis. A low profile design limits the volume around the operating site. Winged extremities allow an easier handling with the applier.


X-ray detectable and lint free, Codman Surgical Patties and Strips provide neurosurgeons with gentle protection and absorbency, to meet the demands of delicate intracranial and spinal surgery.

CustomBone Finceramica

CustomBone Service is a patient specific implant intended to replace bony voids in cranioplasty. CustomBone Service is made of a bio-mimetic material with a chemical composition and structure that resembles the mineral component of human bones. The specific bio-mimetic chemical composition combined with an elevated interconnected porosity are suitable for housing cells responsible for bone regeneration, playing an important role in the process of perimetral osteointegration of the prosthesis.

Certas Programmable Valve

Broad range of settings, designs and configurations to meet
the needs of most patients.
n 8 settings including ‘Virtual Off’.
n MRI resistant up to 3 Tesla.
n 3 different designs:
Regular, Small and Right Angle housing.
n Available with integrated SiphonGuard® and/or unitized

Isocool Bipolar

-The Active Heat Transfer (AHT®) technology actively controls tips and tissue temperature,
thanks to heat pipes that wick heat away from the tips. Isocool® Bipolar Forceps allow you to
achieve and maintain lower but efficient temperature during coagulation.

-The gold plated tips contribute to high non-stick performance.