CSF Management

I. Neuro Endoscopy NeuroBalloon™ Catheter II. Flow Regulated Valves OSV II III. Differential Pressure Valves IV. Speciality Drainage Products V. CSF Reservoirs VI. Catheters & Other Accessories   catalogue CSF PDF    

Light source systems

LED Headlight System Limit uncertainty with the freedom of cool, bright light. Integra introduces the superior surgical LED headlight that delivers the cool brightness and color you need with increased freedom       DLX UltraLite® Pro Camera • The flat beam illumination and custom optics provide superb focus across the entire depth of the […]

Kerrison Rongeurs

Integra Kerrison Rongeurs, as surgical instruments, are designed to perform specific functions such as cutting or biting the bone. Surgical instruments may also be used to facilitate the insertion of surgical implants. Integra Kerrison Rongeurs are used for surgeries involving the skull or spinal column. Kerrison Rongeurs PDF

BUDDE Halo Retractor System

Attaches to MAYFIELD Skull Clamps or to the side rails of the OR table to provide a sturdy platform for retraction or hand rest for the surgeon. Budde Halo Catalogue pdf

Mayfield Skull Clamp System

Mayfield Skull Clamp System provides multiple headrests for cranial support in the prone or supine position for paediatric patients (ages 5+) and adults. The MAYFIELD®  creates a method for simultaneous application of a head support (adult, paediatric or general purpose) and a skull clamp. This is especially important for patients who require a low clamping force […]


The MatrixNEURO System is a streamlined, comprehensive system that offers flexibility, ease of use, and high-quality implants and instruments. Key Features & Benefits Low plate-screw profile of 0.5 mm for minimal implant palpability Unique screws designed for rapid starting and low insertion torque* Wide selection of plates and mesh, including mastoid and temporal meshes, and […]


An innovative cranial clamping solution that allows surgeons to apply implants with a single instrument in a single, simple motion. The specially designed application instrument provides surgeons with the ability to affix cranial bone flaps quickly and with one hand.​​​​​​​​ Key Features & Benefits Low​ profile for minimal palpability Anatomic fit is achieved by the […]


The Camino Monitoring Kit is indicated for use by qualified neurosurgeons for measurement of intracranial pressure and temperature in the ventricles and for cerebrospinal fluid drainage. The only fiberoptic pressure-temperature monitoring system simultaneously providing: Intracranial Pressure Intracranial Temperature Therapeutic Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Drainage and Continuous Intracranial Pressure / Intracranial Temperature (ICP/ICT) Monitoring A rapid rise […]


During neurosurgical procedures, it is essential to prevent the leakage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in order to reduce potential adverse events and ensure positive patient outcomes. DuraSeal® dural sealant system, hydrogel made with a specific polymer technology, provides a quick and effective watertight seal intraoperatively and through the critical healing period. Duraseal PDF