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The CUSA NXT System features NXT Digital Architecture™, an advanced digital control system. This proprietary ultrasonic power circuitry ensures consistent performance, giving surgeons procedural control and peace of mind. NXT Digital Architecture is scalable and ready to support future applications. As new features and procedure-specific tips and handpieces are developed, system software can be readily upgraded to support and integrate these new capabilities.


Soft Tissue Applications

Cusa NXT - M9CUSA Selector 35 kHz handpieces are a perfect solution for softer cranial tumor removal. The higher frequency produces lower power and allows for more controlled and precise dissection. This control is critical when removing tissue around or near critical structures.


Hard Tissue Applications

Screen shot 2016-01-01 at 8.15.32 PM CUSA Selector 24 kHz handpieces are efficient in the removal of hard tissue.The power provided by 24   kHz frequency handpieces can be helpful when tissue is calcified or dense. It is also designed for bone  cutting applications.